MCQ Test

Welcome to your 9th Biology

1. In which process light energy is store in the form of bond energy :

Aerobic respiration needs free ............. .

Which of these can enter into Krebs cycle?

The visible portion of sunlight consist of ............... colours.

249. Which stage of Aerobic respiration is involved in complete oxidation of pyruvic acid ?

258. The compound that absorbs carbon dioxide is:

The last stage of aerobic respiration is:

260. The movement of water from a dilute solution to concentrated solution through a membrane is called as:

The reactions takes place on thalakoids of chlorophyll is:

256. Respiration is a……. type of reaction.

Fermenting powers of bacteria are used in making:

1. Photosynthesis is occur in chloroplasts while respiration takes place in :

1. What are the final products of anaerobic respiration?

When a plant was kept in darkness for many days, many days, its leaves turned yellow. Why?

In which of the following steps of respiration, CO2 is produced?

The clusters of photosynthetic pigments are called:

How many percent of the light falling on the leaf surface is absorbed:

1. Photosynthesis is a what kind of process ?

252. How many molecules of ATP are produced by each NADH in electron transport chain ?

Most of the energy during ATP formation escapes in the form of:

ATP molecule was discovered by:

251. During anaerobic oxidation of glucose , how many ATP molecules are gained as net profit ?

1. How many ATPs are produced in aerobic respiration?