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Sir Syed Pilot School made its humble beginning in 1979 in Model Colony, Wazirabad. It was a ‘pilot project’ to introduce new trend in education at a time when affordable quality education in the private sector were scarce and considered a privilege of ‘haves’ only. An idea of visionary academic, late Professor Niaz Ahmad Butt who rose to the need of time and provided a platform for the local community of the Wazirabad city and its surrounding villages; an institution which could meet the educational requirements in accordance with the need of time. He always described affordability and quality as the fundamental principles of his vision; affordability for the community, which makes the education within their means and a quality, which could withstand the test of the time. These twoprinciples have ever since steered the policy making of the institution in every context.

Making its austere commencement from two rooms of his residence, over the period of three and half decades the project has been nurtured by consistent and relentless efforts of his dedicated and loving wife Mrs.BilqeesNiaz Butt, joined by his son Mubasher Raza Butt after the death of Professor NiazAhamd Butt (late) who brought the institutions to the new heights of excellence. As of now the school maintains three separate campuses for juniors, girls high and boys high, right in the heart of the Wazirabad city.

The school is privileged and proud of its alumni who are serving at prestigious position in different walks of life in the society including doctors, lawyers, businessmen and government officials. The school maintains envious standards of academic results in terms of pass percentage, scholarship and positions in the BISE examinations.

Dear parents and students,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launching of your new campus. This society and sequel of schools is my lifetime passion and mission of my late husband. I am grateful to Almighty Allah and thankful of the community of Waziarabad, who have posed their trust on us over a time span of three and half decade. Without your cooperation and trust we would have not been standing at a place where we are today. We are very local institute unlike many other national and ineternational brands in private education sector however we proudly differentiate ourselves through our commitment to our very founding philosophy, which keeps affordability for the community and a quality standing the test of time, at the very heart of its services. Our results over the period of time bear testimony to over resolve and academic excellence.

A key stakeholder to the local community and the larger society, we feel responsible to groom our students in line with our values, customs and traditions while making sure they confidently interact and adjust with the constantly changing needs of the global village. The growth of society and prosperity of the nation greatly depends upon the grooming of the youth. It is the most important investment, which takes care of the future. We are constantly upgrading our facilities and training our staff to meet this objective.

I wish you all the very best in your pursuit of knowledge and assure that I will dedicate every iota of my energy to measure up to your expectations and trust.I pray to Almighty Allah to shower his blessings on to your very own institute, and it continues to tread the path of excellence and success, in the years ahead.


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Mudassir Raza Butt


Syed Imran Ali

Principal's Message

Dear parents,

I feel very privileged and honored to serve my alma meter in this capacity. Strangely enough, my relationship with Sir Syed Pilot is as old as I am. I am a Sir Syed Alumni and part of the faculty ever since I completed my education.

Being part of the process of evolution which this institute has witnessed I can ensure you that our dedicated team will continue to lay the foundation for student success in school and in life. We do this by creating strong partnerships between the home and school to ensure best possible standards and grooming to nurture successful citizens of the society. We will continue to devote our best efforts to design and deliver innovative programs incorporating curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities to support the personality development and learning process of our students.

I look forward to your continuous support to work as partners to establish new foals and achieve then to enrich the lives and learning of all students.

We have a collective responsibility to invest our nation’s best resource our children.

Thank you for your kind patronization and support.